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  Laser Therapy Links:

  LLLT link Short description
  Home page of Professor Tiina. Karu, Moscow, Russia  
  "Laser Biostimulation: Review and Hypothesis," David Harris, PhD  
  The first internet laser site in Farsi  
  Laser Therapy and Pain Relief, Chiropractice information  
  Osteoarthritis, Dr Sandra Giavelli  
  The Medical Center "Laser ", Georgia  
  Low level lasers in Dentistry Low level lasers in Dentistry by Jan Tunér DDS, Per Hugo Christensen, DDS
  Dr. "Z" Dr. Peter Zeischegg, Nevada City, CA
Dr."Z" is currently conducting patient funded, clinical studies in Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT).
  Dr. Lutz Wilden German site on tinnitus
  Dr. Lutz Wilden English version
  Audiolaser, laser treatment of tinnitus Swedish site on tinnitus - English/Swedish
  Verein zur Förderung und Verbreitung der Softlasertherapie auf dem Gebiet der Innenohrerkrankungen Inner ear laser therapy association in Germany
  Laser som läker The Swedish Laser-Medical Society. Introduction to Laser Therapy in Swedish..
  Laser der heilt The Swedish Laser-Medical Society. Introduction toLaser Therapy in German.
  Universidade Federal da Bahia,
Faculdade de Odontologia

Professor Antonio Pinheiro
  Low Level Laser-Therapie bei Schmerzzuständen am Bewegungsapparat
Low Level Laser-Therapy in pain treatment of the ambulatory system

Dr. med. Matteo Rossetto M.D., Basel
  Low Level Laser Therapy for Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Metaanalysis Cochrane evaluation
  Laser Therapy and Pain Relief DCs James J. White, and Kendra Kaesberg-White
  The reciprocity rule in photobiology - a review Schindl, B. Rosado-Schlosser, F. Trautinger Department of Dermatology, Division of Special and Environmental Dermatology, University of Vienna Medical School
  The dissertation of Dr. Luciana Almeida-Lopes, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The effect of laser light on gingival fibroblasts.
  SPIE Proceedings Vol. 2630: Effects of Low-Power Light on Biological Systems. Editor(s): Tiina I. Karu, Laser Technology Research Ctr., Troitzk, Moscow Region, Russia;  Anthony R. Young, St. Thomas Hospital, London, United Kingdom.
  Healing Light Seminars, Florida, USA

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