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  LLLT link / Name Short description
  SLMS - In Swedish language Swedish Laser-Medical Society
Svenska Laser-Medicinska Sällskapet
  WALT World Association for Laser Therapy
  EMLA European Medical Laser Association
  ASLMS American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery
  SPIE Organisation. The International Society for Optical Engineering.
  NAALT North American Association of Laser Therapy
  IMLA Iran Medical Laser Association
  AMLA Australian Medical Laser Association, Inc
  Photobiology on-line. European and American Societies for Photobiology
  Academy of Laser Dentistry Dental lasers of all wavelengths
  APLAC Agency for the Promotion of athermic LAser in Cancer
  SALT Swiss Association Laser Therapy
  WALA World Academi of Laser Applications
  IPTA International Phototherapy Association
  ISDSL The International Society for Lasers in Dentistry
  IALMS International Academy for Laser Medicine and Surgery
  EGLA Europäische Gesellschaft für biologische Lasertherapie und Akupunktur e.
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