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Who is behind LaserWorld?

LaserWorld is sponsored and run by the Swedish Laser-Medical Society - SLMS.

SLMS was founded in May 1989 and is a non-profit organisation. To become a member you should be using laser in medicin, either in surgery or in low level laser therapy on a professional level. Thus, members are physicians, dentists, physiotherapists, veterinarians, nurses, chiropractors etc. The society has no regular publication and all its meetings are held in Sweden. For the time being we cannot, therefore, accept membership from persons not speaking a Scandinavian language.

SLMS tries to stimulate interest in laser-medicine and in LLLT in particular, through meetings, lectures, contacts with media, researchers and politicians. Two meetings or more are arranged annually. Among the lecturers at such meetings can be mentioned Simeon Rochkind (honourary member), Kevin Moore, Hans Haanaes, Mary Dyson, Lutz Wilden among many others.

One important task of SLMS is to collect LLLT literature. Our library contains about 1500 articles at the disposal of the members. The Society has published two books in Swedish and a boooklet, "Lasers that heal".

If you have any comments on LaserWorld, contact Anders Nobel, webmaster, on slms@laser.nu .

LaserWorld is a non-profit web site. Manufacturers are only listed if they have a reciprocal link to LaserWorld on their own web site.

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