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"Low Level Laser Therapy”
av Jan Tunér, Lars Hode.
Boken innehåller bl.a. mini-abstracts av
100-tals internationella medicinska rapporter,
ca 1000 medicinska referenser
(varav ca 100 dubbelblinda undersökningar).
Boken, som är skriven på engelska,
kostar 750 kr inkl moms.
(Medlemsrabatt 10 %)

New book!

A must for everybody interested in Low Level Laser Therapy.

  • The clinical practice

  • The scientific background

  • The physics

  • The technology

  • The misconceptions explained
    Klicka och läs hela kapitel 13 där Tunér/Hode gör en analys på de negativa undersökningarna

400 pages, hard cover

A laser can be a powerful tool

We often think of weapons when we hear the word "laser". And a weapon is just what a laser can be - a weapon against pain and disease.

This book gives readers an introduction to laser medicine in general and to laser therapy in particular, although it should also serve as a useful guide and reference work for research scientists, doctors, dentists, veterinary surgeons and other workers within the medical field. Every indication discussed is supported by mini-abstracts, and reference is made to over 1,000 scientific sources.

Readers will find that laser therapy is an effective treatment for many types of disorder. It is painless and devoid of risk and is now fast gaining international recognition as a valuable form of medical treatment. Laser therapy has been well documented. Today, nearly 100 positive double-blind studies have been published on the effects of the therapeutic laser, so that treatment by laser can no longer be regarded merely as a form of alternative medicine.

The method itself is not particularly new - the first reports on laser photo-stimulation in animals and humans date back to 1967.

As an orientation, a chapter on surgical lasers has also been included in the book. The book also includes contributions by the following laser therapy experts:

  • A report on the effects of LLLT on spinal cord injuries by professor Semion Rochkind (Israel).
  • An abstract of the dissertation of dr. Shelly M. Khullar (Norway) at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Oslo, Norway, 1997, titled "Reinnervation after nerve injury: the effects of low level laser treatment".
  • Low Level Laser Therapy of innner ear diseases, by dr. Lutz Wilden, Germany. This innovative therapy brings new hope for patients suffering from tinnitus and new opportunities for therapists.
  • Dr. Rainer Karthein (Germany) analyses the transfer of light energi to the mithochondria in the cells.
  • A breif information about laser acupuncture by dr. Talat Qadri, Sweden

  • Finally, we have included 146 references to scientific studies of Professor Tiina Karu.

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Jan Tunér is a dentist in private practice, working with LLLT since 1986. Member of the editorial board of Laser Therapy, the organ of WALT. About the authors:
Lars Hode is a physicist,
specializing in laser applications in the medical field, working with LLLT since 1984. Chairman of the Swedish Laser-Medical Association.


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