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The Proceedings from the 4th Congress of WALT, Tsukuba, Japan, June 27.30, 2002 are now available as a CDR or a booklet. It contains 182 interesting pages and is available from Monduzzi Editore, International Proceedings Division, Via Ferrarese, 119/2, 40128 Bologna, Italy. Price is € 100.
T.I.Karu has written many books, these you can find on here homepage

1. "Photobiology of Low-Power Laser Therapy". Chur, London, Paris, New York: Harwood Academic Publ., 1989.

2. "The Science of Low Power Laser Therapy". London: Gordon and Breach Sci. Publ., 1998.

This book is written by professor G. David Baxter of the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland. His faculty is very active in LLLT research and this is certainly one of the most qualified authors in the field. Published in 1994.

Therapeutic Lasers
Theory and practice:
Therapeutic Lasers presents an introduction to the use of the laser as an intstrument for clinical treatment an will be of value to both clinicians and students. The text outlines the biophysical principles of the actions of lasers and this theory is related to their the therapeutic use.

Laser Treatment for Naevi By T. Ohshiro

Low Level Laser Therapy: A Practical Introduction

By T. Ohshiro, R. G. Calderhead, J. B. Walker
Progress in Laser Therapy : Selected Papers from the October 1990 Ilta Congress by Z. Yoshida, Y. Ohshiro

Low Reactive Level Laser Therapy: Practical Application

By T. Ohshiro

  Proceedings from Laser Florence ’99, A window on the laser medicine world. Proceedings of SPIE, Volume 4166  
Healing Photons: The Science and Art of Blood Irradiation Therapy

by Kenneth J. Dillon   

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